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I lost my secretary and for the last few years I have been paying the bills. I noticed that WM was increasing the bill every month, even as fuel prices went down.

I have a 2 yard container that was costing me $200.00/month to empty once a month. I called Johns Disposal (Racine, WI.) and they gave me a flat rate of $33.00 for the same service with no contract. I called WM and told them I wanted to fire them. They told me that I had a contract the auto renews every year that my secretary signed 20 yrs ago.

I told them to email it to me and it said that I needed to send a certified letter no more than 6 months but not less than 2 months before the renewal date. I did it and it expired the 1st of April.

WM wanted me to sign a contract at $48.00/month. I told them that I wanted nothing to do with them after seeing how they ripped me off over the years. WM bought Advanced Disposal so I am lucky that I did switch to them.

I posted my last WM invoice with notes on how they are 6xs the cost of Johns Disposal and stating that they bought Advanced in my office. I have copies in my truck so I can give them to my customers that use WM OR Advanced. I can't wait until their dumpster is off my property.

I was paying $9.00/month maintenance fee for that dumpster! Stay away from them and spread the word to GO LOCAL!

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I forgot to mention that they charged me $85.00 extra for overfilling the 2 yard container. That is twice the cost of my new provider to come and dump the whole thing. They are a scam.


Hello, we apologize for the experience. We responded to your private message and look forward to your response. ^mp


Are you a person or a Bot to look like you give a ***


The worst company ever do deal with. Overcharge me every month for something. Stay away from this company