Gilbert, Arizona
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Horrible company.Business had to submit cancellation by registered mail 90 days before contract end.

If you miss it by one day. You are under contract again. Even while under contract, they raise your bill. Then they charge $100 removal fee to remove their property.

Don't sign up and if you are get out as soon as possible. Been in business for many years and have never had this happen with garbage removal.

They are absolutely the worst garbage company that is out there.I will tell every one that I see that has this company to Get Out As Soon as You can.

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I am cancelling my Waste Management service right now, and they are trying to impose a "removal charge" for picking up their trash and recycling containers. I told them repeatedly I have never agreed to such a charge and I do not agree now.

If necessary, I will return their containers to their local facility and charge them for the removal fee, then report them to Consumer Protection if they continue to try to gouge me. I also will not hesitate to take them to court.

I have never had a trash service charge for picking up their containers and am wondering if this is something new from WM. Anybody else having "removal charge" issues with WM?