Rochester, New York

Until incident in question, we felt our service was very good if a but pricey. We also felt we had a good relationship with the drivers.

This August our service ended. We had experienced a problem with our online bill pay in June, so I assumed this to be the problem and went online, as they(Waste Managements suggests) to pay our bill. Payment accepted, showed service as active. That Thursday, our pickup day, no service.

We assumed the payment hadn't hit in time and waited another week. That Thursday rolled around, and still no pickup. Checked online again, service still listed as active. Call their office, get the run around from one person to another, finally we're told our service had been cancelled 3 weeks prior, with no notice.

Three weeks of run around, trash piling , and now this . So I asked why, and received different answers each time.

I believe the real reason is our location, last house on a very short dead end road. Seems the other residents have switched to competitors, and our reward for staying with Waste Management is termination of service and three weeks worth of rotting garbage to dispose of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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