Last year we notified our WM rep that we are cancelling our contract. Said we need to do it in writing.

Mailed the notification in and was 2 days over the notice period they require, so the contract could not be cancelled and auto-renewed. That first month they just about doubled our fee. So now we were paying a lot more money and now that the contract has finally ended this year, I get another bill for all of these other fees and a removal fee of their dumsters. I even asked about any termination fees and was told there are none.

We deal with hundreds of other companies in our business, this is by far the worst one I have ever dealt with. Never use Waste Management.

Monetary Loss: $3498.

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As a business owner my feelings are the same, avoid this company or you will eventually be sorry!


All private waste companies have onerous contracts which are not read because the signers are spending other peoples money (OPM). If it's your own money, read carefuly or get screwed out of thousands of dollars being an unwilling buyer!


we are going through the same dilemma. waste management is by far the worst company to do business with. absolutely sorry.