Fayette, Alabama

Fayette, Alabama. Could not get a can from them and kept getting billed.

I took the bill to them and they said they would fix it. Still could not get a can from them got another bill. Went everyday for over two weeks and no one was there. Finally someone was there and got me a can.

She said she would credit my bill. Went today and a new, very rude young lady was in. She told me they were not going to credit my account because I should have put a personal can out. I did do this but it was never picked up.

I called corporate they said the same thing I owed the money. The lady wouldn't even listen to what I was trying to tell her. I told her I did put a personal can out. She said I should have called so they could tell the driver to pick of up.

They dropped the ball. I had to pay for it.

Monetary Loss: $150.

  • young lady
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