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We have had WM for just about ten years and as of today I realize we are not a valued customer to them at ALL. Thanks for gauging us after we were loyal customers to you. We had other choices but thought that you were a good company. I was wrong.

For some reason we started month to month when we first hired them to remove our 4 yard dumpster in rural Waseca. They come every other Monday. Then in 2015 they randomly sent a contract for my husband to sign. The letter said that if you do not sign this contract immediately, we will not come to pick up your garbage any longer.

It went up to 135.00 a month. He figured all business have to increase prices and he signed the contract because he trusted the company. It turns out that it was a 3 year contract that automatically renewed. Yes it is up to the customer to read microscopic print on the back but we had already been customers for years and never had a reason to think they would change our terms without letting us know. That is our fault to a degree, but it's also sneaky.

In any case, we just realized that our price increased to 317.00 over that two year period. We are being charged over 200.00 more than the average company charges in this area. This is highway robbery and no one can tell me it isn't. It was 135.00 on the contract in 2015 and now three years later it is 317.00 for 4 yard dumpster that is picked up twice a month.

What put us over the edge, is that ONE TIME in the TEN YEARS that we've been loyal customers, we were in a rush and didn't break down a box that got put in our dumpster. It stuck like a foot and a half out of the top, so they charged us an additional 150.00 fine. ONE TIME this happened people!!!! A lady frpm WM called us and said we need a bigger dumpster, and she had a PICTURE of our dumpster from this past Monday that the driver took. HAHA they take the time to take photos of your dumpster so they have evidence against you. You, their loyal customer.

There are many times that our dumpster (picked up every other Monday) is half empty. There are many times that it is 3/4 full. But ONE TIME it's got a cardboard box sticking out a foot and a half and we have to pay $150.00 EXTRA and are told we need a bigger dumpster? Do they look at customer history there or just try to find more ways to gauge you all day long?

We feel taken advantage of, and want to cancel the service. They make you wait hours on hold. Literally HOURS to cancel your service. Only to tell you that the contract has already authomatically renewed and you can't. You are basically held hostage to whatever fee increases they want to impose on you at their whim. The other local company said that their fees are whatever they decide the want to charge. There are LITERALLY over $100.00 worth of extra fees on our account above the monthly cost of the dumpster and the two day a month pick ups. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN EXTRA FEES????!!!!!! Are you kidding? I can get another company to pick up same size dumpster, same schedule, twice a month, for LESS THAN THE EXTRA FEES WM charges.

This company doesn't appreciate long time customers, and uses deception to take as much as they can. I wish I had NEVER trusted them!!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Commercial Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Boo.

I didn't like: Deceitful business practices, Expensive, Defrauded me into keeping service another year.

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Price gouging rate increase 13.57 I thought was illegal, anything over 10 percent is illegal

Waste Management Verified Representative

Hello, very sorry to hear about your experience. Please allow us to look into this immediately.

Please provide the service address and your contact.

Look forward to helping. ^mp

to WMCares #1620738

Yeah right VMCares. Give.


A. Break.

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