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On July 17th 2014 my husband called to set up a large item special pick up.

Th employee that answered set up the pick up for the following day. She said there was no charge this was a free service. I thought possibly our service had changed as we were now customers through our HOA. My husband was having his hip replaced on the 18, so it was important to know that it would be picked up.

When we arrived home late after surgery the hot water heater was still there.

I was pretty upset trying to figure out how I singularly was going to move it back into the garage.

I called again on Mon and recounted the story to Nichole. She was very apologetic; took my payment of 35.00 over the phone and reset the pick up for Friday July 26. We called on Friday to verify. We were told that a return phone call would come giving an estimated time for pick up. We never received the call. Nor pick up. I called again on Sat. morning and spoke to Marisol, asked about the pick up was told the ticket was closed, after further investigation she told me it WOULD be picked up on Sat. On Monday my husband called again asking for a supervisor. The supervisor would look into it, call the route manager and call us back with a eta. We would hear from him by noon. I was not satisfied with this and called speaking to another supervisor Annette at 10 again many apologies and platitudes but no service. I demanded to know how this would be resolved and when. She would call the route manager and call me back by NOON. (That seems to be their magical cutoff. ) I asked how long it takes to have the route manager call back her response about 30 min.

We had an appointment about 15 minutes from the local phone numbers location, so we went there and waited for our magical 12:00 phone call. Meanwhile checking our v/m at home NO return phone calls from either supervisor. I went in and asked to speak with a supervisor over customer service. i was told they are located in Arizona this was simply the operations office. There is a big poster on the wall with one of the entries being "fix it, fix it now" I pointed out that was rather ironic as we had spent two weeks five phone calls and a personal visit with" NO FIX IT" involved. Trish tried calling the drivers and could not get through I knew exactly how she felt. She finally reached a driver in Castle Pines area and asked for a "big favor" he agreed to go off route to pick up our item. I was skeptical to say the least, and asked what time we might expect them. She did not know. i asked what the latest time would be to pick up? the response 7:00 pm ( it's noon) and I asked what time she left. 5 p.m. She voluntarily gave me her direct line and guaranteed me pick up. I thoroughly expect a reprimanding letter from my HOA as it sat out all weekend.

By the time we got home about 30 min. later the truck was there the water heater loaded and the phone was ringing as we walked in; Trish calling to verify it had truly been picked up.

I am wondering why so called supervisors are in there positions and why Trish isn't getting a big fat raise. i feel like I would have saved time energy and aggravation by calling someone on Craig's list.

And when that letter comes from the HOA they will be receiving a copy of this complaint as we are required to have waste management as our waste removal company. if they are trusted to handle the entire community you would think a large pick up would not be too difficult.

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