Fayette, Alabama
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Fayette, AL. They dropped our garbage can in the truck and kept going.

I called customer service who said everything was fine on the account and that they would have it back out today. It never came, so I called back. They said it would be 7 to 10 days. I asked if I was being credited.

They said put another can out. I complained about having to go buy a can because of their incompetence. Long story short I their mistake, and they are not fixing it quick enough. The customer service Rep.

It would be nice to have a choice instead of having to use this horrible, incompitant company. I have had nothing but problems with this company.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I signed up for Waste Management's services because the previous owner was already using them. My understanding was that I would be paying approximately $73 a month for my service.

We generated a lot of trash in the first week of business and required more frequent service. I explained to the customer service rep we needed extra pickup and he quoted me $74. I didn't like the price, but did it anyway.

I got a bill in the mail for $242 for the first month's service and my extra pickup. I expected to pay about $150 for a month of service. When I called WM about the bill the rep said he would have to confirm the quote and call me back. I don't have time to get the runaround on this so I called back and the rep discounted the bill by a mere $42.

The charges are basically fuel/environmental charges that are vague at best on the contract I signed. Basically the contract I signed says that they can charge whatever they want for service. They refer to their website for explanation of charges.

After talking to about 5 people I finally found someone who would help me cancel my service. Now they want to charge me $150 for picking up the dumpster plus $30 or so to put fuel in their truck. The dumpster is a mere 4 miles from their facility!

My total bill for 2 regular pickups, 1 extra pickup and to be rid of them and their dumpster is $385! That is absurd and outrageous! I will never to business with this company again! I will be paying approximately $360 for a YEAR of similar service with another company!