I was out walking my dogs and the driver comes through fast and I asked him to slow down cause 2 of my dogs were headed towards the truck that I didn't have on a leash.And I understand I should have them on the leash.

But there are cats and kids on this road and he was going way to fast. Plus its a dead end street and early in the morning. And I never have issues. He opens his window cussing me out telling me not to talk to him like that.

And he jumps out of his truck advancing towards me treating and waving his arms cussing me out and continue to tell me that I need my dogs on a leash and screaming that I need to shout my mouth....My fiancee comes out and tells him to back off and he says he calling the cops on us. Your driver is going to fast and yelling at me jumping out of his truck yet his going to call the cops on me?

I'm 4'10 his around 6 ft.He was extremely unprofessional.


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I used to have such a great driver collecting our trash, he was polite and respectful.He even refused when I tried to give him a tip at Christmas time.

I called Waste Management to let them know how we appreciated his work ethic and we have not seen him since and our service has been horrible with the new person/persons.Next time I’ll keep my mouth shut.



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