Los Angeles, California

I placed 15 bags of trash out at the curb for a yearly clean up trash collection. When I went out to see if the bags were picked up I found the bags had holes poked into them and the driver picked up two of the 15 bags and left the rest!!

I thought a homeless person had been there until I found out that the trash guy was there and took pictures of my trash bags! WTF! Does he get off on the pics? In the time it took him to take pictures he could have loaded up the bags.

This company has major personnel issues and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I had to duct tape the holes shut and call since they also didn't pick up my regular trash and I had to call about the recycling as well. As of this time only my recycling has been collected.

Waste Management is a monopoly that needs to be broken! There must be competition to give them a reality check!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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I had the same problem, and I know they hired a new manager and all of a sudden pictures of trash are being taken. Called corporate and apparently this is a common practice but WASTE MANAGEMENT tells no one.

So you have no privacy, they come on your property, take pictures and drive off. We had a lot of trash, it's Christmas, but nothing other than boxes, etc. Really makes me nervous. DID YOU KNOW DRIVERS ARE MADE TO CARRY TABLETS TO TAKE PICTURES WITH.

And who is to stop them from posting these on line or using them for non company practices?

I think I need a new trash company.


Maybe I need to be their competition for my own trash. When I lived out of town, I'd take a truckload of trash to the transfer station and pay a reasonable fee to dump it myself.

I live in town now but I still compost my organic waste, so I can collect a pickup truckload without drawing vermin or causing odors. Maybe I can ask a neighbor or two if they want to participate.

Why don't they have competition and why are they a monopoly? I'm unimpressed with the service and with the value they deliver for the fee they charge.