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Today I went to take the trash cans down as I do every Friday morning before work and coffee. As I was driving to Starbucks I noticed that the trash cans were all serviced, or so I thought.

I started noticing that slightly full or extra full trash cans were not serviced. Even if the lid was open an extra two inches, it wasn't serviced. Now as a note, last winter I had an absurd amount of recycling content. However, I kindly spent about 30-45 minutes of my Friday morning compacting it so that it took one action to set it in the truck.

On the morning that I didn't have time to do so as well, it was two piles as to one. I noticed that the trash wasn't picked up, and my trash recorded as not present when I inquired about the problem to their support. So this wasn't my first problem with them, that type of incident has happened a few times now. They might have changed their policy, but honestly, that's a *** policy and they know it.

I haven't investigated yet on why it hasn't been picked up, but I've seen a truck drive by three times now. This is no way to run a company, the consumer always comes first.

Ridiculous policies like this push consumers away. Quit being lazy and pick up my trash!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Residential Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Waste Management Cons: Active rather than proactive attitude, Very poor leadership and lack of good treatment to employees.

  • management policy
  • Lying Representative
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