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Waste Management, Republic Services and other large regional garbage companies all do THE EXACT SAME THING; have you sign a contract that is ridiculous to the customer, rewarding to the garbage company (boy...can they find a way to jack your rates!), and TOTALLY unnecessary. ONLY SIGN A CONTRACT THAT HAS A 30 DAY CANCELLATION.

WRITE IT IN. DO NOT let them talk you into anything more. They'll use various "justification" statements for longer terms, but tell them you will only commit to 30 days...and will find a company who'll do that (believe me, it's a competitive business and some company will do this to get the work). All the big waste generators do this because they know the unethical tricks the garbage companies use, and they also are aware of how they are ruthless jerks when it comes to cancelling a contract.

I am the voice of experience; I've worked for the largest waste companies in the US and am sickened to admit this.

They truly are unethical.

In fact, a common saying in the business about their customers is, "you can't raise their rates if you don't have their business". Shows you their priority.

Waste Management Cons: Rate and the service, Corrupt contract.

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