Denver, Colorado

Moments ago I spoke with a very rude customer agent about signing up for recycling. Ended the discussion with cancelling my service due to the extremely poor service.

Been a customer since 2003 and my garbage can was stolen. I assumed that waste management would have some specials reserved for folks who have been customers for more than 7 years. The agent wanted to charge me $ 80 for a replacement garbage can plus $30 for the delivery fee. I won't be going forward with this company as I felt no loyalty given my years of being a customer.

And the woman working at the Englewood office should have to take classes in customer service.

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You want to Know why they should give her a free can? They charge administration fees, gas surcharges, Drop off Fees, start up fees, and then they want to charge a $34.00 Fee to come get their can when you cancel.

When do we get to charge a fee? Then you find out your neighbor across the street has the same service as you but only pays a third of the cost that you do for the same service. I called to cancel and they gave me the same old story of gas prices this and gas prices that. We all are paying more at the pump.

So I say sure Ill take your can back to you Mon-fri 8am to 5pm "like we dont have jobs" but I want the $34 dollar payment to me for my time and gas. Think they said "Sure no problem?" Screw Waste Management!


Why should they just give things away? You could have purchased one at a regular store, like Lowes or Home Depot, and also saved any fee for delivery. Do you think now that you were spiteful and stopped service, that someone else will come along and give you a free can and free pickup?


I think it just sucks the way they charge plenty of money for a weekly pick-up and then they do NOT pick up EVERY week. I have complained, tracked weeks with no pick-up, they just said I could find another service.

You betcha. Last year alone they did NOT pick up a total of 13 weeks, that's alot, but they took 52 weeks payment from me, yeah, they suck.