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I'm seriously sick of being ripped off by this Monopoly...I have complained for months that I was not receiving a bill and paying the 45$ resume fees . I squared up in October and was told to be looking for my bill late November ......

Got it and I be damn ,it to included another 45$ resume fees ..... When I squared up my bill in October with WM they told me to look for my bill late November... To call if it didn't come ! FINALLY CAME , WITH ANOTHER RESUME FEE OF 45 BUCKS ???

WTH. I'm going to call a thief a thief .... I did everything in my power to avoid paying 96 dollar garbage bills ....ONLY NOW it's 107.00 ! I dont get it .

I'm guessing this is why some just dump on the side of the road.... Waste management should have to pick that up as well ... My other garbage company picked up twice a week and my bill came religiously .Never a problem , unfortunately they sold out to WM .... This has been an ongoing nightmare .

I'm writing the BBB and every other organization I can complain to . I'm tired of being taken for granted , there billing department suxs , there customer service suxs and there services suxs !

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Waste Management doen't care just tell your friends about them tell them all.


Hello, would like the opportunity to address any issues you have experienced. Please send your address and contact info to us in an email wmcares@wm.com (sub:FB) , so we can look into this.^ mp