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We’ve had a slew of problems with our trash pickup since the ownership change from Deffenbaugh to Waste Management. They changed our billing and charged us twice, we paid, had a credit - which “wasn’t applied,” so they picked up our cans and took 3 weeks to return them.

Then we owed them $5 for some reason, so they stopped picking up our recycling. I can’t count how many times they simply missed our pickup altogether.

The most recent issue with WM is with the most current invoice, which included a unilateral rate increase of nearly 25%, with a nice addendum to let me know that if I do not continue service, it’s a $75 “cart removal charge”. We make that phone call to question it and cancel service, customer service tells us it’s $105, not $75. Since the place is about 3 miles from my house, we requested to drop off those carts to avoid the fee.

That’s not an option, apparently. I’ll fight this charge to the very end, but even paying the $75 is still better than dealing with these (my opinion) racketeers.

At least when it was mafia owned, you knew what you were getting into.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Account.

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Same thing happening to me, $105.00 cart pickup, that's with fuel and environmental fee included, I spoke with customer service, told them I would agree to $75.00, but they will not budge, I don't want to pay them at all, but they will keep increasing the rate, then turn over to collections. What a corrupt company, after years of service, getting penalized for cancelling


When I called them in mid-May to cancel service, I was told there would be the $75 cancel fee also because that's their 'standard fee' whenever they have to dispatch a truck to pick up the container. So, after I thought more about that, I called them back and said we'd just keep the container so they wouldn't have to pick it up.

Then, there was a $75 fee regardless, to cancel. When I got the bill the other day, there was also a $25 fuel fee, so now the bill is $110 (with taxes, etc to cancel). How can they charge a fuel fee if there is no transportation involved--we're keeping the container! I'm going to call them today to dispute the fuel fee.

I don't believe I'll get out of the cancel fee, but the fuel fee is ridiculous! My new service is 1/3 of the cost of Waste Management.


So, I just chatted with WM's customer service. I was told they attempted to retrieve the can, but it wasn't available.

(They drove by and it wasn't at the road because we were planning on just keeping it and not having it picked up, based on the second call to their customer service). AND, because it wasn't available, I would now be billed for a SECOND pick up (another $110). ALSO, if I wanted to keep the container now, it would be billed at $150+, the value of the container. Keep in mind, we've used this container for over 6 years and it's cracked, due to rough handling by their driver!

They checked and 'graciously agreed' (sarcastic comment) to waive the second pick up fee. We have to leave the container at the road (state highway with 55 mph speed limit) for up to 10 days for them to pick it up. This is dangerous to traffic and makes our place look like no one is home to have it sit out there for longer than overnight for pickup. When I asked ignoring the first invoice for pickup or adjusting it, they said they couldn't do it, and it's valid.

What a ripoff!

I'm going to call and talk to a supervisor, but don't actually expect a different outcome. So over WM!!!


A further update: I called and spoke with Customer Service, explaining that I'd been told one thing, received an invoice for $25+ more, then stating I'd be charged for another pick up attempt, or if I wanted to keep the container, be billed for $150+. The CS rep was very understanding, told me immediately that it should have been just $75 to pick up the container.

Because we didn't expect them to pick up the can, it wasn't out when they came by, and he waived a second pick up charge as well as the fuel surcharge. Net, I paid the $75 as I'd been initially told, they picked up the container the next day and I'm done with them!

I'd rather not have paid anything, but at least I paid what I'd initially been told. Good luck!


Just curious about the $75 cart return fee. Did you end up paying this?

I see the return fee language on the back of my statement, however, I don't remember if this was ever divulged at signup. Thoughts?


Company uses their contracts to extort money from customers that don't have the means to fight them. Shame on them.