Sarasota, Florida
Customer service

I have had the same trash guys for a long time, I put out 2 bags of trash a week, now I put 4 cans and three buckets of trash and the new lazy and week trash pick up guy said it was to heavy to lift, he did not even lift it, I called for a supervisor to come out and all I got was a *** on the phone now the trash sits for a week, I was going to put it in the truck myself with bad hips and bad back the trash week boy closed the back of the truck, this company sucks and it is in my taxes or I would get rid of them

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Every month the waste management guys broke my can's in Roxane blvd. Of Sarasota fl.

I was call in several times to W. M. But I still with the same bad service.

This guys no want to move more of 30 pounds in every can are too lazy.

Am tired of waste management and his bad service.


I have the same problem


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