Irvine, California
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I moved to a new house and for some reason my first two payments were not showing up as paid even though they were indeed paid on time. I had to call my bank to get tracking numbers then WM had to research.

3 weeks later I still have a suspended account and my trash has only been picked up once. I have called 4 times in the past week. Each time they say they are sending a "courtesy pick up" but it does not happen. They are flat out lying.

I made the payments, did nothing wrong and they still will not pick up the trash.

Disgusting - I am calling the health department tomorrow. Not sure if it will help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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I can relate. We rented a trash bin the first of May, and paid over $500 on our credit card before the bin was delivered. Now they are saying we owe them for the rental, and the individual I am dealing with has yet to apologize for the inconvenience to me trying to get records together to prove I have already paid. She seems to think I should be grateful that they have the issue under "dispute" in spite of the fact that I forwarded to them the bank statement information showing the charge.

I asked to speak to the supervisor when I was on the phone with the agent, and she told me she was in a meeting. Today I receive an email telling me that she was on vacation. I detest being lied to, especially when a simple we are sorry and will take care of this immediately would do so much to satisfy me for THEIR mistake!

I will NEVER use their services again, regardless of the disposition of this matter! Each day that I wait for this to be resolved fuels the fire for how I will address this situation going forward.