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Waste Management Inc locks you into rolling contracts. In order to cancel a WM contract you have to send them a certified letter 90 days in advance of the 'expiration date' of the contract.

If you don't, they roll you over for another contract. In my case, 36 months. To get out of the contract, you have to pay them a removal fee $100, plus 6 months of your last billing, in my case $906.00. This information may have been in the contract but was never disclosed.

Beware friend! Don't get into any contract with them.

Tell your friends. Deceptive company!

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Wrong read the contract. Bill of sale, death, and missed picks ups can get you out.


The thing about the missed pick-ups is you have to give them written notice and five business days after the receipt of the written demand. As for me, they did miss a pick-up in December, but they know I want out of my contract, so if I were to write a letter, they're going to "remedy" the failure by not charging us.

I didn't send a written certified letter within the cancellation window.

They're large and have the lawyer's to cover everything for them and know it. I'm not going to be to kneel over easily.


I agree with u i am with them too. They reniew my contract with not even call me to ask me if i want to be with them.

I am trying to contact my rep and when i finally found him he told me he is not leaving his office but he sents someone else. What kind of rep is he a prince.

Also my bill is higher every month. Is ridiculous.


Hands down the worst company with the absolute worst contracts I have ever dealt with in my life. Do not ever work with them as they are entirely designed to screw with you. They lied to me constantly until I foolishly signed their *** contract that is only created to hurt you and never let you out.NEVER SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THEM.


I am almost in the same boat. My contract ends in 95 days.

I called them to make sure it doesn't auto renew. They said I had to sent them a certified letter and it has to be there in 5 days.

That's what I'm doing. Good thing I had a reminder on my calendar to call today.


I am working with a Minnesota State Legislator to get automatic contract renewals banned.

Some States already have this law on the books.


I am having the same problem! So mad.


2178241538 he will get you out of contract


I am ALL IN for a class action suit. These guys should not be in business.


I am having the same problem with these people. I just can't believe they are still in business with such horrible terms.


I was with them for ten years without a contract. We moved locations and I had my book keeper call them to have the dumpster moved.

They told him he would have to sign and fax back a page to have this done. they never sent page 2 of the contract with it. He signed it and know I have a three year contract that is up in May of 2013. The contract was for $200.00 a month.

We up'd are service to twice a week. they are now charging which came to 558.00 a month. Now i'm being charged on average $750-800 month. They say I can't buy out my original contract at $200.00 month because I raised service.

I now have to buy out at the raised price and if I wanted to drop my service to once a week I would need to sign a new contract and they would a punitive charge of $3,000.00 into the new contract. They are a bunch of crooks. Never ever use waste management.

The attorney generals should step in and stop the mob that is Waste Management. WI


call 2178241538 he can help you


Same with us. Sent a letter, but missed the CERTIFIED part.

Now I have missed the window by 14 days and they want me to pay almost $400 to get out of the contract.

This is just wrong. Anyone for a class actions suit?!


I signed a contract with them and they kept charging me more every three months to the point where the bills doubled within one year. They also take pictures and claim that your dumpster is over loaded and charge accordingly. I have done business with them for years I received another quote for half the price they are now going to sue me for the contract


They did the same thing to us. I was off a month to cancel now we are stuck until 2014.

They defend their so called contract saying it is done all of the time.

Very deceptive. Yet they get by with it.