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Simply put; "Buyer beware!". I learned the hard way with what I understood verbally in the setting up of an acreage garbage on call emptying service versus how it plays out over the years with the ratcheting up costs and adding fuel surcharges , added recovery charges, automatic contract renewing and heavy penalties to stop the service while you battle over the phone and with emails to end the contract.

And yes while this continues during your three weeks wait to have the bin emptied, followed by the multi requests to have bin removed from property ; the delay tries to push you into the next billing cycle where you incur more rental charges. Also take note the monthly rental charge even when bin is not being emptied for months until requested has an added monthly fuel/environmental surcharge, added monthly regulatory cost recovery charge and of course gst on all of those. Yes, you pay fuel costs for a bin just sitting there. And yes, I filled out the automated customer service survey that is sent to you during correspondence with WM.

Didn't seem to matter coming from the small customer.

So, read, then read again, the very fine print in respect to the contract that you will have to sign and know your full costs as well how you would see yourself paying cancellation liquidation contract charges, bin removal costs etc should you need to end the "service". I assure you there are other local garbage removal services out there that are far more cost effective and much friendlier service for my needs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Dumpster Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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