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I have had several dealings with this company with regard to missed pick ups. This was the final straw.

On Friday April 1, 2016 missed again, Called and was promised a pick up the following day (April 2) missed again. Called customer service on Monday April 4 asked for credit for non service. Was told first the truck broke down (so not my problem I paid for service) then told they could not issue a credit (OK so I pay for nothing) then told I don't pay for service because it is in my county taxes (then they have been billing me for years for nothing) which FYI is not in my taxes. The told they would refund the amount for the month divided by 30!

I asked why 30 since they only pick up 6 times a month...told that is how it is prorated.

Finally told that the refund would be $00.64 cents! After all they do not refund service charges and taxes NEVER AGAIN

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Waste Management Cons: Sarcastic representative, Refusal to understand problem, Refusal to transfer to manager.

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Gregory A Gamble

Yeah, I get a sucky driver every once in awhile when my regular driver is sick or something. I'm really surprised the main commenter got back 64 cents!

Their policy is not to give you back ANYTHING... no matter how *** their service is.

Especially egregious are the stories about how they really screw you over if you order a dumpster from them... thousands of dollars in some cases.


After complaining that I was not picked up on Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday (as promised) Today April 5, 2016 is my regular pick up day at 11:03 am the truck crew slowed down looked at the can and proceed to turn the corner and service ALL OTHER CANS up and down the street. The then returned to where my can is looked at it and again DROVE AWAY without even stopping. This is the reason I recommend NO ONE ever use Waste Management, the company in the area does not care, the drivers do not care, and all you get is lip service and nothing else even when guaranteed and pre paid for


I'm sorry to read about the service frustrations you've experienced. Please email (Subject: #822913) with your service address and contact information and we'll be happy to research this further.

Thank you. ^DB


Sorry to read about the missed collection, broken expectation and experience you had when calling back to report the material was not recovered. Please email your name and contact information to (Subject #822913) and we'll be happy to review your account. ^DB