Ontario, California

Waste Management - Inland Empire. No Extensions- no warnings. No disconnection letters.

Every other utility facility gives you a disconnection warning. So if you are older and you forget...shame on you! I am used to the garbage being included with water. Not in the city of Eastvale.

I am new to the city. The first bill went almost a year. The bill got up to $700. I tried to pay but the added another $100. The bill was $800. I had to wait until I could save that money. I was told it was all on me. If the garbage smelled - I would also be fined by the city.

No compassion. Then I had a bill for $77. I am on a fixed income. I was getting ready to pay it. I pull up to my house and there is a yellow sticker stating- "no service you did pay your bill."

Now, is it that hard to send a disconnection notice. Well of course there is a reconnection fee. This company is making big money. Thank God I didn't accumulate a lot of garbage. I just took it out everyday. This could become a health situation if you can't get your garbage picked up. I hope that more people complain about this company.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Yes, I had same issue. A $40 restart fee., and they have the gall to impose another fee on THAT fee which added another $13.

When I inquired about the compounded fee, they called it a fuel, environmental and regulatory charge. First off, why is the restart fee so high when the truck is on a route and already pickingup the garbage for neighboring businesses? Secondly, how do they think they can get away with charging another $13 for fuel, environmental, and regulatory fees for the same reason I gave to my first complaint. When asked about regulatory fees, the representative informed me it's what the city charges them to operate in their city, to repave roads, etc, because the trucks weigh over 27 tons when fully loaded.

So back to my point; how do they think they can get away with charging extra for fuel and "regulatory fees" when the truck is already on the route taking care of my neighboring businesses. Don't even bother calling their call center, because even though they are nice and will promise to take care of a billing or service problem, NOTHING RARELY GETS DONE ABOUT COMPLAINTS or billing mistakes that they make.


Please email your contact information and account address to wmcares@wm.com (Subject: Ontario, CA), so we may assist with your charge concerns. ^RM