Newark, New Jersey
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It's been a tough winter and when snow was deep we received three consecutive emails that WM was unnable to keep our scheduled pick up. However, when the weather improved we STILL did not get garbage picked up.

Half a dozen calls later the trash is overflowing, bags on the floor causing a potential hazard of bug infestation or rodent activity. Waste Management is never short on excuses, mostly weather which don't really stand now, also alley was blocked or unsafe conditions, one even stated the bins were not there (seriously? they sit were they always sit, how could we move them, they are full!!). Meanwhile, our neighboring building's trash which sits less than 5 feet from our bins has been picked up regulary (different service provider).

My last call was Friday, when I asked a supervisor to have the driver call me when he is here as I no longer trust they "reports" for no service. Driver shows up, tells me there's a sheet of ice in the alley and a parked car which blocks him. Ok the ice was in patches and not a thik "sheet" as he called it. I reasoned that he could park the truck a few feet from the bins just before the car (so he would not have to maneuver around it).

He said "NO" i need to be right next to the bins.

It was a fruitless convo, clearly this man did not want to do his job. We will not renew with WM once the contract is up

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