Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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On the 8th, I called bc my recycling hadn't been picked up. They said it wasn't on the curb but it was right beside the trash that was picked up.

So they say they'll come out on the 9th (this problem has occurred several times in the past two years of service.) I also let them know I was moving so they offered to help with that. Since it was a local move, they said to bring the bins with me. Today is the 23rd. They still have not picked up the trash (even though a rep this morning claimed it was picked up on the 21st at 1pm) so I cannot bring the bins to my new home and am accumulating trash here now.

I call and they now tell me that I cannot take the bins, that they will deliver new ones to my new address but I have to request them. This is the NINTH time I've called about this. Why wouldn't someone have said that? They also are claiming that I now owe for an interruption of service and they won't pick up at either address until I pay $62.

Ready to pull my hair out talking to these reps!

They don't communicate with each other (have had to explain each time I've called) and speak very condescendingly when I did not create the problem, they did! Service cancelled today, going with another service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Waste Management Cons: Service, Driver services, Poor service, Communication.

  • Rude Behavior
  • Waste Management Trash Removal
  • Lying Representative
  • Ridiculous Fee
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