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After being a customer for ten years we moved and canceled our contract after paying our three-month invoice. We called to ask about the refund for the unused portion for that quarter.

We were told we don't get that money back because we paid it and they don't issue refunds in Pennsylvania. We were told we should have read our invoice. This seems like a real scam. They just guaranteed that we will never use Waste Management again in the future for any reason.

And we will be sure to tell everyone we know not to use Waste Management. Made it to 100 words.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Residential Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Same thing happened to us. We actually found another carrier for less money, so decided to go with them.

Waste management told us we should've read our invoice; it was online. They would not give us our money back.

Even though Sherry from their office in St Louis said we should get a refund! What a scam!!!


Addendum - dates in Comment MLC #1419913 should read 1/10/2018 and 1/13/2018 respectively.

I will continue to update my experience with WMC as time progresses.


Don't worry, even if you hadn't paid in advance for the next service cycle, my experience is that WM would still bill you for it and issue Late Payment alerts, IN SPITE of having cancelled prior to the start of next Payment/Service Cycle.

I called WM 1/10/17, spoke with Customer Service who verified my residential account was paid through 1/13/17.

I was then transferred to Sales to cancel my account. The Sales rep ****** was courteous and helpful, and again confirmed i was paid through the 13th and suggested my cancellation be effective on that date. She told me not to make the future payment (for the following cycle) and the bill would be zeroed out within a week. I check my account in a week and find the bill is not zeroed out and there is a late payment alert on the acct.

I call Waste Management again, this time Customer Service tells me to wait longer and "hope for the best". I ask if i should send a registered letter, and am told NOT to do that. I do not understand why WM appears so evasive regarding this issue.

Why must I "hope for the best" when I follow the exact instructions I was provided when I cancelled my service? I'm giving WM a few more days, then I am escalating the issue, because I should not just have to "hope for the best" if I'm dealing with a reputable company.