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Most if the idiots that controller us drivers never seen the daily grind in a truck. NEVER , AND I REPEAT NEVER WORK FIR WM the drive cams are there to get you fired , not there saftey, or the driver safety.

I got fired for a seat belt , but no suspension was ever given to me, all finally write ups , last warnings. I was a team player, helped any and all , and still fired me. The unlimited trash in Wyandotte county is why people are getting hurt , they won't hire full time employees, and rather get a guy freash off the street . How dump is that.

Some , well most of them only seen a trash truck come down there street , or thru a window , with amazement , but overall they won't get my business, or anything.

Thwy are called wheresmymoney they don't give a *** about us at all , no A/C in most trucks , and they won't change it. OSHA NEEDS TO HEAR ABOUT THIS ***

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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