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Started with Waste Management when it was Republic Services. Went from 89/quarter to 220/quarter....every quarter a buck or two higher.

I've had my tussles with this company regarding taking my trash receptacle to constantly raising the fee. Finally had enough, called to close my account at the end of September. I was asked why and I told them their fees were ridiculous. I was then asked if I wanted them to lower the fee to which I replied "No, If you could have lowered it, you never should have raised it." The representative on the phone chuckled and indicated that my account was closed.

I asked her to please verify there were no charges to which she replied there were not. Imagine my surprise when I received an automated call last evening that my account is now past due! I pull up my account, which indicates it is closed but with a 76 outstanding balance. This am I called WM to question how I have an outstanding balance due to the fact that the bills are issued and I pay on a quarterly basis meaning October is the start of a new quarter and therefore no payment should be expected.

I was told that the outstanding balance was due to the dumpsters being picked up...2 dumpsters @ 27 each and then the transportation, disposal, gas fees added together brought me to a 76 balance! Really? Why should we be paying to have the dumpsters picked up? Round and round I go on the phone with 2 different representatives and a supervisor.

The only thing they can tell me is that this is corporate's rules and that at the time I signed my contract, I was told about the pick up fee. I informed the agent that when I started my services, the company was Republic Services and that there was nothing in the contract about dropping off or picking up the dumpster. After much discussion, I was credited the "fees" portion and 1 dumpster of the outstanding bill. In the end, I did not want this to show on my credit report so agreed to pay the 1 dumpster.

I will have to say that I have not had negative issues with the representatives that I have spoken to.

None were rude and were apologetic at the situation. This company is ridiculous in their charges and honestly need to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hello, we're sorry to hear about the experience with your account. We appreciate your feedback and would like to look into your billing further.

Please email (sub:#1121745) with your address/account number and contact info so we can look into further.

Thank you. ^yn