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12 month contract with notice given to stop service including a signed copy of notice to discontinue three months in advance. So on the 11th month of the contract they raised rates on us but we did not complain and paid them anyway.

My contract and on their info that we had at time of notice was for $175 charge to now pick up the 2yd container. Should have been final, right? Wrong - they charged me for another month of usage after they picked up the container and the following month sent us a charge for $399.99. I called and they removed the one month extra charge but now it shows that we owe $256.48 + normal monthly fuel, city, etc.

= $280.78

The person that I spoke to did not have any authorization to adjust the pick up charges - like talking into the wind. A lot of stupid things happened while we were with them such as sending us a bill for a neighbors 4 yd.

over filled container after they left Texas and I had to prove that it was not ours. At one time they were a good company but now and with the different experienced that we had, we would never use them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Dumpster Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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