Wichita, Kansas
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A few years ago Waste Mgmt bought out Lies. LIes charged us $60/quarter for service.

Waste Mgmt promised no increase in fees and no change in service. Since Waste Mgmt has raised fees to $90/quarter a 50% increase when others like Allen still charge $60. On one occasion they did not send the email invoice and subsequently cancelled our service. We contacted them and paid the arrears.

They then charged a $55 reinstatement fee. We called to cancel and they refused to cancel and kept sending bills for pick ups that were never made. They demanded their bin be returned to an obscure south Wichita location or a $75 additional charge would be added on.

Their customer service lied every time we spoke to them to complain. They promised to research our complaints and never got back to us.

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Beware of entering into any contracts with this company. By increasing the initial price quoted with double digit price increases annually, they increased expected cost by approx.

$1000 dollars in just three years, no telling how much this amounts to when applied to consumers across the country. There is no explanation of what these price increases are composed of, a large charge is a fuel fee which also increases every year in spite of fuel costs having gone down across the country during that time. You will be subject to further fees if you ask to terminate services even after the initial contract period, as they contracts automatically renew without any further discussion with the customer ever.

Their representative's explanation is their contract allows them to charge whatever they want to consumers - where else is a contract ever considered this way? All investors should also be wary as there is no telling when they will be brought to account, and an Enron like collapse will result, because bases on the number of complaints they are definitely not increasing profits due to customer satisfaction and retention.


Hello, very sorry to hear this. Please email wmcare@wm.com Sub: (Review #1469190) with the service address and your contact info, so we may look into.

Look forward to hearing from you. ^mp