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Update by user May 02, 2013

Found out was another driver yesterday and he was driving a weaker truck that could not lift the barrel. When ask why they do not have trucks that are all equal, I was told they have different trucks for different needs? Wow, I thought trash was trash when it comes to residential pick up.

Original review posted by user May 01, 2013

We had several months of the green barrel being left in the middle of the driveway, on its side in the street where cars could hit it, and all the way down at the neighbors house. We finally had enough and called to complain.

For two weeks things seemed to improve and then today we find a note on the barrel saying it is too heavy (we have loaded it more in the past) and if we fix it, they will pick it up next time...and it was in the middle of the driveway. How can it be too heavy for a big, strong trash truck, but my 12 year old can push and pull it?

This driver is retaliating and acting like a baby! I called to complain, but it could take another week to hear back from the "route supervisor".

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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