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With wm you have to call ahead and pay ahead for bulk pick up which i did. Two different days two weeks apart and paid total 3 items.

I received my bill and it instead of being 77$ was at 170$. I then contacted them and was told they would look into it after 30 minutes on and off of hold. The lady offered me 30 credit which was nothinf close to what they owed. My bill then changed several times with diff charges and credits i could not see a breakdown of.

When i logged into my account there were 4 items in the invoice section under the same month. Its a quarterly bill btw. They apparently change things to fit their needs and scams. I emailed them and they said theyd be back to me in two business days.

Waited four amd emailes again and once again two business days. Well that was last month. So i called them again and they tell me they are charging for bulk pick up. The lady offered me a credit amd said wait a few bhsiness days to show up.

3 weeks later nothing. So my bill went from 77$ to 170 then 125 then to 137 which it is now. And after all that they changed my fuel surchage from 17 to 40$ to make up for not knowing who is pocketing my money. Stay away from this company.

They are a trash company in the trash busniess. So ill be calling this week to pay them money i dont owe just to get rid of them for good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Fuel surcharge is just a trick to charge you more than your contracted rates.

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