Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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The worst maintenance leadership I have ever worked for. I seen that the southeast region of this company and its leadership really treat the help at the up most worst I have even seen and that it is one of the most worst politic corruptness I have ever been around also and I my self will never work for again.

Thanks to Fort Walton and Freeport Florida these are by far my worst work history in my 38 years as being a mechanic.

And good luck to anyone that wants to work for them cause they will need it. And there is a lot more that worked there that are treated the same way and have to remain there cause there is no where else to work.

Reason of review: Bad treatment to employees and the leadership will never get anything done to them cause they know how to handle corperate..

Preferred solution: Put the ones that is in positions that has no clue of thier jobs out and get the correct ones in..

Waste Management Cons: Very poor leadership and lack of good treatment to employees.

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Very sorry to read about this. We can assist with your concerns at 800-265-9381.

Thank you and apologies again for the experience. ^RM