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A year ago my Restaurant Manager was looking at all contracts in an effort to save money. He found a competitor in the area to pick up trash for a third of the price.

He called WM to see about cancelling the services, he spoke to Cindy. She informed him that we were in a 36 month contract that ended 11/15/2018. He marked his calendar and told me that we could cancel the contract 180 days at the earliest before the renewal date and no more than 90 days. So we marked our calendars.

My reminder popped up to cancel WM, I called the number on the statement and got Nicky (Nicolette Lynch to be exact), she informed me that we missed our window of opportunity...HOW? Well turns out that Cindy gave my restaurant manager the wrong contractual renewal date; it renews July 10, 2018. Intentional? Accidental?

I completely lost it, I owe this girl an apology she didn't make the policy but I was beyond mad! I felt very taken advantage of and as GM of a really small business, this was very bad and wrong! If you really want to keep customers the right way is to be up front with them not sneaky. You have managed to keep another customer for another 3 years not by choice.

I asked if WM sent anything letting people know when they contract ends and they said no. OK I get it my responsibility. So my consolation prize...they will review the account to see if they can offer us better pricing.

How much you wanna bet, it is not gonna be as cheap as the competitor, why, because you got us for another 3 years.. I vow to call every month and ask to cancel..gotta get in the window sometime or another!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: out of my contract without penalty..

Waste Management Cons: Poor customer service and questionable billing proactices.

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Making cancelling their service as difficult as possible is their goal to retain you. I heard alot of complaints about this from customers when I worked there.

Be sure you send a cancellation letter by registered mail so they can't say they didn't get it, and be prepared to pay to have their bin removed from your property. They will bill you for that!


Hello, thank you for reaching out. This definitely sounds very frustrating, we would be happy to look into this further.

Please send us an email to (Sub: Review #1290120), we look forward to hearing from you. ^jhf


My restaurant manager found his notes from a year ago, he had documented whom he had talked to. I told him to call them with the information he had.

He did, he told them to look at the account notes, he had date and time and who he spoke with that gave us the November contractual date. After being left on hold for about 10 minutes (which they did the same to me, we didn't hang up). They saw where the account was noted when he called and they had notes written in of the renewal date, November, 2018. He was also told that Nicolette (Nicki) that I talked to was the newest member of their team.

We have written the letter to cancel the contract and it will be done.

The take away from this is that always make notes and keep them. A+ to my restaurant manager!!


Sounds almost like a monopoly. Wonder who you could complain to.

They have way too much power. And if they negotiate price, they will probably write another 3 year contract and you are stuck again.

@Garbage Customer

Wow, you squeezed through this one. I am actually more in the know that I let on.

I'm in a similar situation. Paying too much especially with large price increase. They offered me another contract with lower price (still too high), but it extends back to a 3 year committment still with the right to increase prices. So, I'm hooked into their services either way.

The reality is that this cycle will keep repeating (price goes up, I call in, renegotiate a new contract lower for 3 years) and I will never be able to leave them. I understand running a business, but this is unethical.

No free market. No competition.

@Garbage Customer

Hi, we are sorry to hear you are dealing with a similar situation. Please allow us to address your concerns.

Send us an email to (Sub: Review #1509495), and we will look into this right away. ^jhf