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I sold & closed on my home Dec 2017 and WM doesn't offer service at my new home location, so I had to cancel vs transfer my service. My credit card had just been charged for 3 months of service for Dec 2017, Jan & Feb 2018.

I was told there would be NO REFUND/prorated adjustment for the Jan & Feb unused services and argued the point with the rep who advised me it is stated no refunds for prepaid services on the back of the invoice (that I don't get because it all happens automatically with the paperless billing and payment option). She told me IF they refund my Jan & Feb prepayment, they'd have to charge me $40 to pick up their container! WHAT???!!! Charge me to pick up your property???

... not in this life!!! Leave it there for all I care, I'm not paying you to pick up your property is what I told the rep. So, in the finality of it all, they DID NOT refund my Jan & Feb prepayment and they ALSO sent me a bill for picking up their container.

When I called to push back on the $40 container pick up charge, the rep REFUSED to connect me with a supervisor when I asked REPEATEDLY to be transferred. I said I wasn't going to pay it and was told I would be turned over to a collection agency. Wow WM, if you need my $45 prepayment + $40 pick up fee so bad so you can pay to host golf opens in AZ then I guess I should suck it up so you can golf and pay your executives their big salaries and refuse customers the option to speak with management about your ridiculous customer relations policies. If you keep doing this, hopefully customers will be the wiser and boycott doing business with such money hungry company that beats customers out of their hard earned dollars.

A sad ending with a company I faithfully did business with for 10+ years. Yeah, and the customer satisfaction survey you sent out - what a joke if you don't do anything with the negative responses you get back and reach out to find out what you can do to resolve the issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Residential Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Wow what horrific customer service!! I will pass this info along to all my relatives and friends and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and I suggest you all do the same!!!

This is just ridiculous. I would also contact the attorney general of these practices. I would also file a complaint with the attorney general!

What a terrible company. Thank you for informing the public!!!!


I just cancelled and was told there was a $50 fee to pick up the cans. I told them I would drop them off.

They told me a 3rd party picks them up.

I said I am not paying and she just said I don't care what you do with the bill.. horrible and that's why I am leaving


if you had a credit card charge that you didn't approve, simple call your credit card carrier and tell them to withdraw the payment. I have done it in the past with no troubles.