When I started my business 6 years ago I contracted w/WM for a 2 cubic yard dumpster for about $52 a month. I had to sign a 3 year contract which then renews every 12 months thereafter.

As of June 2014 my monthly rate had crept up to $91 ("fuel surcharges", etc.). At the beginning of July I asked them to cancel service since I decided to switch to Springs Waste Systems because they provide the same weekly service for $39 - $52 cheaper and no contract.

Now WM tells me I have to pay them for 6 months - $551 - for early termination.

Since I signed the agreement I am stuck (or they won't take the dumpster away) paying it (the good thing is the $ I save will more than make up for that).

SO if you are a business be aware that there are better options out there.

Monetary Loss: $551.

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