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These people took my garbage tote and will not give me a new one. They won't take my garbage without it.

I have contacted them repeatedly and the only thing they will say is that according to their records I have one. I'm paying them to take my garbage and getting no service. I cannot switch to another company because they have locked up the contract with the village.

As a final touch, they come by and empty my recycle bin all over the property and blame it on the wind knocking the container over. They are not to be trusted.

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You need to contact the head of your village---mayor, council president, whatever you call them where you are. He knows who to contact at waste management and has some power because the village contracts with waste management, etc.

On the two occasions I tried to contact waste management, they had a *** menu to wade thru and then the dufus who finally got on the line spoke broken English and was unintelligible. Waste Management, Inc is NOT a company with any sort of customer service.

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