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Local church has service with WM for years. They kept on going up on rates until the bill was around $267.00 a month.

October 2011 went with another company after having to fight with them on my non-renewal. October 2011 until July 2012 was with another company. August 2012 received a bill from WM. I call to see why and was told they had bought out the other company and had purchased my contract which was binding until October 2014.

I was paying $60.00 a month with the other company but the first bill I received from WM was over the bought out contract price. So now I'm stuck with WM until October 2014. July 2014 sent WM a notice that we would not be renewing. August 1, 2014 I sent another notice and August 13, 2014 sent on by Certificed Mail because they keep saying they did not receive the previous 2 letters.

Called September 30, 2014 before signing a new contract with another company to confirm that my contract was over with WM and was informed that since I did not send the previous 2 letters by certified mail that the letters were deemed insufficient.

Now I am stuck with them another 3 YEARS UNTIL OCT 2016. Sorry company to force people to do business with them when they don't want to.

Reason of review: contracts.

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