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I purchased my home 2 years ago. The prior owners were dead beats.

I set up my account with WM upon moving in. I receive qtrly bills, and pay promptly. Then my property tax bill showed delinquent waste charges attached. It was easier to pay it at that point(I'd already spent too many hours by phone trying to fix it) so I did.

Through the next year I began receiving delinquent notices with the prior owners name, my address, and their old account number. Not my account number. So, I again began the phone battle with WM monthly. They assured me each time that the problem was corrected.

But the notices kept coming, even though I am paying my bill, my account number, my parcel number. And all the while NOT getting a second regular bill with the previous owners account, only delinquent notices. So, property tax time again. Guess what, they're again attaching my property taxes.

I've proved countless times that they're billing 2 accounts to one address. And in doing so have had to loose just as many countless hours from work. So much so that if I had just given in to their racketeering, I'd be out less money. I found this site while searching to see if anyone has began a class action law suit against WM.

No luck yet. I hope that this helps somebody out there!

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