Chicago, Illinois
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I run a Chinese restaurant in Chicago and Waste Management has handled our garbage for 24 years. I called to cancel service 45 days prior to the end of my 3year contract with them, only to be denied because their policy is a 90 day notice.

They wouldn't budge, and I just paid $600 to cancel. It will be cheaper to go with Flood Bros which charges half($70 vs $140). When I asked them to help a 24 year loyal customer out, they repeated that I should have read the contract and it was my fault. Too bad for me.

So, my advice to you is call Waste Management and go over your contract. Better yet, dump em and tell them to go to ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Waste Management is a Waste of Time and Money! They promise a price, then charge more.

Our original contract promised one thing, and we cancelled our other service because we believed the salesman who promised he could beat the price we had. They never backed up those promises and they cost MORE than our other service, and told me I signed a 2 year contract allowing them to raise prices at any time they wanted; THEN they informed me I'd pay huge penalty if I cancelled. The salesman NEVER disclosed that--and NEVER gave us the contract stating that! I can't even count the number of phone conversations and emails that I've had with this company for billing matters.

It is so frustrating -- I get billed with past due balances and new late fees each month on those balances, and the 'balances' are their errors in accounting. I am told by well-meaning rep's that it will be fixed, and the billing office just keeps sending the same thing. It's almost comical. After a few months, that rep leaves the company, no doubt because Waste Management is so unprofessional and unethical.

That has happened three times now! The most recent person who is stepping in to 'help' isn't helpful.

His bottom line is "well, there's gonna be late fees if you don't pay on time" and he has no idea about all my previous conversations and the credits that should have zeroed that balance out for the last 5 months, and when I say I'm just going to cancel this service--it is so unbelievable, he gives me the line "let me tell you what your cancellation fee is going to be since you are on a contract".