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Absolutely horrible company! When I began service, online, there was no mention of being locked into a contract.

When I called to terminate my service due to increasing fees/costs there was no mention of a contract, only that I owed a prorate that would be calculated and sent later. I was sent a letter threatening collections after speaking with two representatives who assured me that I owed nothing.

I contacted a Supervisor who told me that all he could do was reduce the balance and apologized that I was never told of fees due to early termination of the contract. He reduced the amount due by about $45 and I made the payment even though it is a complete rip off.

Now, more than two weeks later, I get another notice threatening collections for approximately $45!!!! I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND Waste Management EVER!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We'd like to look into this. Please email (Subject: Marshall, TX) with the account address & your contact information, so we may assist. Thank you.