Waste Management Commercial Waste Collection Reviews

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Value for money
Price Affordability
Additional Fees
Waste management purchased TLC, who I had used for many years, and immediately increased rates (about $100/dumpster), changed terms (they now charge rental), and offered service that was not as good. This was not done with any notification to us so we could adjust pricing accordingly. When I complained about being charged rental they did not seem to care and did not offer any options to help me make the transition. As a contractor I purchase...
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Waste management is the worst company I have ever dealt with in 16 yrs of business. We own three retail stores/restaurants. Never and I mean never sign a contract with this company. If you never meet there windows of no more than 180 days no less than 90 days to cancel your contract by registered mail they will automatically renew without notice. We have been in business with them for 8yrs have never missed a payment or destroyed an equipment....
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I didn't like
  • Keeping money that is not theirs
  • Management
  • Rates
The VERY small print directed us to a vague website and chart to determine fuel charges--this was NEVER EXPLAINED WHEN WE SIGNED, therefore we had no idea what we were getting into--this was our first waste management contract. Our first bill was nearly $600 and continues to rise. We contacted our sales rep who said we were out of luck--that a more clear agreement instituted AFTER we signed and she was oh so sorry. She also alleged that she...
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I liked
  • Not a thing
I didn't like
  • Lying sales person
  • Threatening me with a lawsuit
  • Contract

Waste Management Commercial Waste Collection Review

WM BROKE THEIR VERBAL CONTRACT TO PICK UP DUMPSTER FREE OF CHARGE AFTER 25 yrs as customer. Also gave name of new owner as a new potential customer. They also raise their charges clock work annually, either fuel charge, dumping charge or whatever. You have to beg every year to the line.