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In the beginning Waste Managment comes in and undercuts local service. They get you to sign but beware once you sign you are under their rules. They are very misleading and deceptive.

They can raise their prices all they want. They have their rules in very fine print, it automatically roles over for 3 years and unless you sent them a certified letter in their window of oportunity you are stuck for another 3 years. Beware, I feel so *** I was waiting to cancel and I was off a month now we are stuck with this company for 3 more years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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Do NOT do business with Waste Management. Thic corporation treats their customers with disdain.

Once you are in a contract, they use strong arm tactics to keep you locked in an I regretted every minute of it. I recently terminated my contract after a 12 year cycle of renegotiating new rates only to have them jack the prices up significantly a few months later. My last bill from Waste management was $133. I've got a new service and rate for $41 a month and don't even have to sign a contract.

Waste management punished me with a termination charge of $950 dollars.

I figure if I'm saving $92 per month I will get ahead in less than a year - so for me this was a good decision.


Same problem...I just switched to Rumpke...they offered me far lower rates. Their contracts are deceiving too, but I've only got 2 options here.

After trying for OVER A MONTH to cancel my service with WM, I finally got someone to get back with me and he presented me with a contract from March of 2008 as proof that I'm still locked into a service agreement...he pointed out the part where every year our contract automatically renews.

Talk about BS! Avoid this company at all costs!


Same here; their service agreement has very vague confusing terms. Their door to door "recruiters" flat out lied and could not answer most of my questions.

I stupidly tried to save some money, but now am in a contract I didn't even know about.

Their customer service supervisor was horrendus. I will never do business with this crooked company again; whenever I can get away from them that is!


This happened to us as well. $72 to get out of the contract, and they keep raising the rates. I can't wait to give our business to one of their competitors.


That is exactly what happened to me, I signed a contract for wood waste but low and behold it was for all my waste, what a joke. Now my waste representative is threatening us with legal action if we don't uphold a contract I feel tricked into signing.

So I will pay rentals on their dumpters for three years and let them know that I will never use Waste Management again for again. People joke about them being Mafia owned and now I understand why they have representatives that screw over their customers and then try to threaten them when they seek other alternatives.


I was with them for ten years without a contract. We moved locations and I had my book keeper call them to have the dumpster moved.

They told him he would have to sign and fax back a page to have this done. they never sent page 2 of the contract with it. He signed it and know I have a three year contract that is up in May of 2013. The contract was for $200.00 a month.

We up'd are service to twice a week. they are now charging which came to 558.00 a month. Now i'm being charged on average $750-800 month. They say I can't buy out my original contract at $200.00 month because I raised service.

I now have to buy out at the raised price and if I wanted to drop my service to once a week I would need to sign a new contract and they would a punitive charge of $3,000.00 into the new contract. They are a bunch of crooks. Never ever use waste management.

The attorney generals should step in and stop the mob that is Waste Management. WI


This is exactly what we do to protect you from those unfair and unfriendly prices for your waste disposal. We have been in the business for over 10 years to protect you from unfair cost on your waste removal.

Call or contact us.


My name is Lisa with customer service at Waste Management. Sorry to hear about your contract complaint. Please email me at with your name and service address and I will look into this for you.

Thanks, Lisa