They are quick to ask for their money, and will tell you what a great service they provide, but they are cost prohibitive compared to some other waste companies. I cancelled pickup services in Mar 2012, its now July, still have not picked up their can which is taking up space in my garage.

Numerous calls to still yielded same ole BS..Supervisors, and cust serv reps do nothing but give you lip service. No one with any weight will get on a call nor will contact you because they know the earful they are about to get.

Do not use them.. if you have another waste vendor, consider them first.

Review about: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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North Atlanta, Georgia, United States #590665

Former company Baxter was great. This Waste outfit wants you to believe they are saving the world but their only interest is to line their pockets.

Cancel contract $60. Pick up container $25 or take it there yourself.

Bartow county watch out. Waste, their name says it all


When I cancelled my service because their rates are not competitive, they tried to charge me $25 to pick up thier containers. The rep insisted that this was stated on my invoice, but is it not.

I had to scan the invoice and email it to him to prove it.

I think the $25 fee is bogus, and an attempt to extract whatever they can out of a lost customer. Total rip-off.

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