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Update by user Apr 10, 2015

I even talked to a supervisor and he said there is nothing he can do. It will be there Monday.

I had to go to another place where I had a port a john, load it on my truck, full of s___, take it to my property, dig *** with my tractor, turn the unit over to empty it, cover the s____ with dirt, wash out the unit, load it back on my truck, go to a camping supply and buy $30 worth of toilet deodorizer and drive it to the location I needed it. 5 hours of my time, $30 in deodorizer, and $25 in gas. It doesn't get worse that that. But hey, "they don't want yo pay any overtime." And they don't care.

SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!customers beware!!!!!

Original review posted by user Apr 10, 2015

Worst experience ever again!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

They have messed up 4 out of the last 5 deliveries. I just wrote a review last week about how inconsiderate this company is. They will tell you that your delivery will be a certain day and then they never show up. I was so upset last week and even talked to their corporate office.

They said they see they messed up my last 3 deliveries and said they would work harder. 5 days later they did the same thing. They didn't even call me to tell me they won't be delivering on Friday. At 4:00 I called to see where my Port a John was and they said they don't allow overtime.

What they don't get done gets passed on to the next business day. Even if I was the biggest waste company in the United States I would still run the business with some pride and dignity. Whoever runs this part of the business should be removed. Or resign, you obviously aren't competent to fill the position.

This company has a monopoly on the trash business and because of that they don't have to take care of their customers.

Imagine ordering a Port a John for a weekend event and they quit at 3:00 and just decide to bring it on Monday. "Because we don't pay overtime." WOW!!!!!! WHO DOES THAT!!!!!!!!


Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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