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DITTO ... This exact same thing happen to me in Montgomery, AL:

Posted On: 2008-09-25

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Waste Management, Inc. billing fraud

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Waste Management bills consumers in my city in quarterly installments. If you, the consumer, do not receive your bill for any reason, do not pay it within the first 4 weeks of receiving the invoice(it is mailed @3 weeks prior to the start of the new quarter), or do not pay the full amount, whether by intent or accident, the company WILL still pick up your refuse BUT will put your account on "suspension" and charge you, the consumer a $35 re-instatement fee.

Sounds fine, because most companies providing a service can and do charge reconnect fees. In the case of Waste Management, the do not ever inform you in any way whatsoever on your original invoice that there is a reconnect fee if they suspend service for non-payment, nor do they mail out late notices. They DO NOT notify the consumer in writing prior to imposing this fee.

You have to pay the fee or they will halt service. And you, their consumer, have no recourse.

In my case, my city has an ordinance requiring it's citizens to have trash service. And the city has a contract with Waste Management. As a result, if I refuse to pay a bill, not only am I charged a fee for reconnect from Waste Management, but I could be found to be in non-compliance of city code/ordinance and can be fined by the city up to $125. Waste Management knows this, so they charge whatever they want, and then you are forced to pay, one way or another.

I would like to know if others have had similar billing problems/issues with Waste Management, or if you have been charged a fee like this by Waste Management without any notice prior to the charge. Please send an email to:

Thank you,


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:( when I called and ordered the service I only ordered regular service because they charge extra for everything. THERE PRICES ARE ALREADY HIGHER THAN MOST .

So I called around found someone I was happy with and called them back to cancel 1/2 hour later and received a bill for $4.66 administrate fee. WOW WHAT THE HECK!

Don't even talk to these people they will charge you. I will tell everyone about this company


Same thing happened to me.

And NOW, they scam me yet again - I'd cancelled my service and they said they'd come pick up the bins. I've moved so my house has been vacant for five months. Well, this morning I get a bill for $150 for "unrecovered containers". Interesting, since the person on the phone told me to just leave the containers outside by my garage and they'd come pick them up. Turns out they never picked up the containers and they're still sitting outside where I left them, and now they're billing me $150. Total scammers. Too bad you don't have a choice of who you use for garbage service because if I could avoid it I'd never use Waste Management again.

Not to mention they're customer service sucks. If you contact them online, they never respond. If you try calling, they're hours are so inconveniently short for those of us at day jobs who can't freely be making personal calls whenever we please that you can never get someone on the phone. When you do get someone, they say "oh I'm not the person to speak to" and transfer you to voice mail. Then, naturally, nobody ever returns your call.

So far they've charged me a total of $185 in various surprise fees, and apparently I'm still not through with this experience. Terrible, terrible customer service, and terrible scam. Totally takes advantage of the fact the consumer has no choice in who they have their garbage service with. ***


My automatic payment must be fine because my quarterly payments have gone through and so have the late fee charges. Magically on my January 2011 statement I had a past due balance.

They don't send out notices.

The last time I was charged the late/reconnection fee was fine because my credit card was stolen, but again no notice. They just bill it and charge it if you have automatic payment.