Duluth, Minnesota
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we live in Duluth MN and our garbage service company was sold to Waste Management Company.....WOW!!!!! they are a joke.

not locally owned, no customer service (per say), they say our road is impassable after only an inch or so of snow, does not pick up our garbage/recycle as should and they leave the cans untouched for weeks but say they will charge for "overfill" if the can's lids are not completely sealed. this has been a huge headache.

they illegally use chains on their tires (which tear up the roads) when there is no need for them. Please don't support the big guys like this and try to stay with the little local companies that appreciate the business.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sorry for the service delays. Refuse trucks are a unique type of vehicle.

They are much heavier & bigger than any other service vehicle. Our drivers have to park our trucks very precisely in order to line up to carts for proper & safe collection. If roads are deemed as unsafe due to snow conditions, routes do become delayed with double collection noted for the next service day.

We can certainly assist with verifying any delays & recovery plans for your area, please call 800-777-8408. Thank you, ^RM