Scranton, Pennsylvania
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Waste Management is a terrible company that has very poor business practices. They require you to sign a "service agreement" and then tell yo0u that you can never cancel it or get out of the agreement!!

They charge excessive fees that are not listed on the "agreement" and change the amounts at their will! We have paid almost double each month from the stated amount!! So needless to say are cancelling their service but now they say we can't cancel the agreement!! So they have refused to come pick up their dumpster and come on the route and empty an empty dumpster!!

Guess what Waste Management, I am the customer and I decide when the service is done!!

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WM keeps on changing the bills. I started at $89 or so for a 2 yard container and now I am paying $173 per month for a 2 yard.

Do not know how this number came up. I did not renew my contract in 2011 and I was told this is automatic. I requested for a buyout - i was send a letter for me to sign a contract agreement. I know customer has a right to cancel and pay the buy out.

WM does not want you to cancel your agreement.

I am out. WM does not understand their customer.


Every month our bill goes up and up! This month our bill increased 8.50 over last month for the same service.