Beaverton, Oregon

Did you ever wonder how Waste Management got its name? Well read on if you are in for the details.

We needed a dumpster for all the accumulating construction debris. About 10 companies gave me quotes for service in Dundee, I chose the best value and scheduled a drop off. BUT then received a call that it was canceled because the company was not allowed to service my address. hmm.

they provided the number for Waste Management. I called other places, same answer, "not allowed to service, call WM". Turns out Newberg and Dundee have a contract with WM for NOT ONLY curbside garbage pick up but also dumpster service. umm that is called a monopoly.

To add to the injury of only one option to choose from, when I called WM for an initial quote I was told they don't service my address, call Yamhill county. Yamhill county laughed when I repeated this. I called WM (again) and was on hold many times and finally got a quote (not competitive). I was forced to procure the dumspter from WM but when I called to order was, ha, told, "we don't service that area".

The rep was, I think, in TX or maybe KY (nothing against KY and TX, just not close to my unincorporated piece of land in OR). latent assertive juice exploded over the line and I found my way up 4 levels of management until someone did acknowledge that they did in fact service my address (yes deja vu!!!). Are you getting this? My only option for service was denying me service until I went out of my calm peaceful zone to demand it!

This is not how I like to live as a Quaker and as my personality type.

Seriously WM? Your name means this to me: you MANAGE

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Dumpster Rental.

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