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A review of our trash removal costs at three of our new vehicle stores showed a significant and much higher cost at our Lititz location by $639! We had a 6 yard cardboard recycle container for pickup once a week and an 8 yard trash dumpster service once a week.

For that, we were paying a container service fee of $15.50, a recycle fee of $68.01, a dumpster fee...." Drumroll for this one", was $493.96, along with a recyclable material offset fee of $25.82, a fuel environmental charge of $185.75, along with a regulatory cost recovery charge of $16.04 and last but not least an administrative fee of $4.00 for a grand total of $809.08 per month! Our other two new vehicle stores for the same service our paying $180 per month. Naturally I called waste management and finally bartered begged and pleaded to have our billing reduced down to $254.52 per month. Guess what?

As of September our service has increased now to $289.68 per month. Up $35.16 just like that!

Unfortunately our contract does not expire until November 2016, so I will have to keep a close watch on our future billings. There is nothing good about Waste Management, they give you the lowball and then stick it to you after they got you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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