Buffalo, New York

I paid my WM payment on line and they did not credit the payment to my account in the interim they suspended my service for non payment, SoI called them to find out what was going on, During a conversation with WM office personnal they stated that the confirmation number I gave them did not match my account. but saw that a payment was made and credited to a different account and they would not credit my account.

WM than told me that my account would be sent to collections if I didn't pay the total bill in full,

Once they told me this- I told them to cancel my service. They than proceded to charge me a $70.00 resume service fee, $10.52 late fee, $8.00 administrative fee, $43.89 Fuel charge fee and a 64 cents for some other fee. (I paid all these fees plus the cost of trash service so that I could cancel their service without having collections screw me up) I will inform everybody I can about this --in the hopes that If enough people cancel their service- Maybe they will fix their office problems... In the meantime I have located another trash carrier at half the cost of WM.

(I plan on speaking about this at my HOA meeting which has over 300 households currently using WM) Never know-maybe they will all cancel their service too.. I WILL NEVER USE WASTE MANAGEMENT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $225.

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