Farmington, Minnesota
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Waste Management is a company I will never again in my life do any business with. I do not recommend ever signing a contract with them because it is worse than "death do us part".

They continue to raise their prices, force you to sign a new contract and when you ask to cancel your service even though you have no contract they will not refund your money for service you will not receive and you have already paid for. What a crock of ***! The "specialist" Jenny that I spoke with would not let me speak to her boss - "she is the boss" she told me. I said, "so you are the CEO!" What a poor excuse for a company.

I thought cable companies were the worse. No WM is the worst!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Gregory A Gamble

GREAT headline... made me laugh :) Yes, they are right up there with ATT, Comcast and all those huge stupid monopoly / gangster companies we all eventually have to deal with. WM motto should be: "We ARE garbage"


Sorry to read this. Not what we like to see!

If you could please send us an email to (Subject: P Consumer) with your address and contact info, we’ll look into this further. ^DN